Knockout Slavery

UCC’s college group held an event tonight to free human slaves from sex-trafficking, while trying to break a world record at the same time.

Knockout is a basketball game where people compete each other to dunk the ball in the basket until there is a sole winner at the end. The world record was 571 people and UCC tried to get 600.


There were a lot of people! I was super impressed at how organized and well-thought-out this event was. There were inflatables for the kids, music, dancing, fun, lots of cheering and energy. It was pretty awesome.


People of all ages tried for the basket. Our small group went together (Scott is below, holding the ball) and then we went to Crepeville for dessert.


The people in referee suits were college students too. This girl is from FBC, where Corrie goes to church. She was great! (This photos is also a demonstration of a wider angle setting — you can see more of the people behind her than the other shots.)


It was my first time taking sports photography shots. It was very difficult. I had a 75-200 mm lens so I could get close-ups, but the problem was that people kept moving out of the frame and going out of focus. I got lots of pictures of people’s limbs getting cut off.

It wasn’t until later that I read you are supposed to do burst mode, where your camera clicks off like three shots at once, and then hopefully you get a good shot. Oops.

Even so, consider I didn’t know what I was doing, I was pretty happy with some of the shots. I guess I just got lucky to get some good ones! If I had just pulled out a little bit and not cut off the girl’s foot, this would have been a pretty good shot — her face is in focus but other areas are a blur to show the motion.


I also got a good shot of my hubby, who is quite athletic and showed some good form. He eliminated me immediately, which I was thankful for, because then I could go and take pictures the rest of the time!


In the end, we didn’t break the world record, but we did break the goal of freeing more than six slaves. It was a great community-wide event. Kudos to the Catalyst team for pulling it off!

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