LOLing at LOL

Daniel went to a League of Legends championship at UC Davis — his first live LOL tournament!


When I looked at the pictures Albert took there, I could not help but LOL (laugh out loud).

Look at all those computers! All the Asians! And even the really huge Mac that someone hauled over! I thought it was all quite amusing.


It was also amusing that were all of like five girls there, of which some looked like they were girlfriends (i.e, not playing and just watching).

Daniel and his team of four other guys (LOL has five-person teams) had a good time and did well. Daniel and his friends Kenny, Albin and Yang were joined but Yang’s friend to complete the team. It was actually the first time all five of them had played together, so it was pretty amazing they did as well as they did.


However, in the end they were totally crushed by some of the top UCD teams. Daniel said the other team was so good they could’ve beaten Daniel’s team blindfolded.

I’m sure that team’s playing ability was great, but I was impressed by the sheer amount of power flowing through that room — electrical current, computing power, and pure geek strategic processing intelligence amassed on one location.

Unfortunately, it was a bit much for the room. The power kept going out. It really isn’t a good thing to have a champtionship that is dependent on electrical power and then having it fail on you. Repeatedly.

Well, at least Daniel has found a home!


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