Potsticker Christmas

I’m a bit behind here and trying to catch up…

Since most of my posts were about the Christmas Eve service, it’s now time to update on the family front! Our entire family was involved in the Christmas Eve services so we hardly even thought about Christmas Day until it was upon us. And then it was time for a potsticker party with my extended family.

Almost everyone got involved in making potstickers. My mom is the mastermind, as she has years of experience and her potsticker recipe is my absolute favorite — nothing compares.

I didn’t take many pictures, though, as my hands were full of flour, but I did manage to get a picture of Daniel and Steven as they helped roll out dough.


The raw product doesn’t look too terribly impressive.


But once cooked, they are super delicious. Steven, Corrie, and Benjamin sat on the other side of the table. (And I cut off Steve’s head — sorry, Steve!)


It was super delicious but I couldn’t help but think how could I have suggested such a ridiculous idea of working tons of hours for Christmas Eve and then picking a menu that was probably one of the most labor-intensive types of food around? Not thinking too well lately, methinks.

Regardless, it was a nice dinner, gathering together to celebrate Christ’s birth.

And then I spent the next two weeks sleeping, catching up on home stuff that had fallen terribly behind, and recovering from a busy season!

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