Bay Area blitz day 1

A few days after Christmas, our family drove down to the Bay Area and hit the big 3: my family, Albert’s family, and some friends.

Day one was a drive down to Hayward with my mom to visit my dad’s niche. Corrie and her family drove up from Monterey at the same time. I totally love the Find Friends app on the phone, because we could track where they were to estimate arrival times!

Chapel of the Chimes is a very nice location. They have both burial and cremation arrangements. The grounds are very lovely. We went to visit because this year it would have been my dad’s 75th birthday, so we gathered at his resting place in his honor.


The hills behind the location were bathed in a golden glow of the setting sun.


Corrie’s family arrived safely!


Her kids are so cute.



We all went inside. It’s very beautiful inside too.


I always enjoy taking pictures of architecture. This view was interesting, lots of ovals and circles overlapping.


My daughter was going around taking macro photographs of the flowers my mom had bought for my dad. Like mother, like daughter.


Baby Benjamin was as cute as ever.


Then we took our first family photo in ages!


Our first selection of restaurant was a dud, as it does not take reservations and was already booked until late. So we went to Rose Garden restaurant in Union City.


Benjamin slept through almost the whole dinner.


I was very happy that Matthew trekked across the table, bypassing everyone, and came and climbed into my lap!


We tried the phone photo feature where you can take a picture of yourself.


Lots of delicious food! Albert managed to fight through the post-dinner stupor and drive us to the South Bay, where we joined his relatives for a Christmas party.


It has been years since we have been able to make it, and all the kids are no grown up! I was like, “Who are all these new people walking around?” They were all our relatives. Last time I saw them, they were shorter than me. Now I am the short one!

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