Bay Area blitz day 2

After spending the night in Los Altos, the next day was a relaxing morning. We were pretty spoiled by the nice view.


Then we went out with Mom to tea. Dad’s not really a tea sort of guy, but Mom loves going out for high tea.


We went to a nice small shop in Los Altos. The desserts were very lovely.


Everyone say cheese!


The teapots had cute little jackets. I think they are officially called tea cozies but I think of them as jackets that let the nose stick out.


The tea cups were short and flattish. They were actually a little hard to hold because they were so low and wide.


There were little yummy sandwiches.


Fresh scones with cream, lemon curd and jam.


And desserts. Hmmm… some of these look suspiciously like items I have seen in Costco…


The kids did posing for pictures, trying to keep serious faces.

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But then they just gave up.



Megan had to get her pouty lip in there.


Daniel is such a giant compared to his grandma! How did this big kid come out of my tummy???


After a bit of rest, we headed to the Bay Area and stopped by to see the Kwons. Time just flies too quickly. We had never seen their baby girl! Here’s Jenni and their lovely daughter!


Ella is such a cutie! Megan thought she was adorable. It was t he first time I have seen Megan take interest in a baby. Maybe because all the babies cousins she has seen have been boys? 🙂


The boys seemed to take a liking to Megan. Brennan crawled right into Megan’s lap and even shared his trains with her. Apparently, this was very atypical of him, and was a tremendous privilege for Megan. She was in the Inner Circle.


He liked Daniel too. Both my kids have never really been interested in playing with younger kids, but the Kwon kids won them over.


Albert, on the other hand, has always loved kids. They always seem to know it and immediately crawl into his lap. I guess that is what makes him such a good professor, though nowadays the “kids” he teaches are much older!


It was really wonderful seeing the Kwons!


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