Family dinner conversation

Our dinner conversations are so interesting. Conversation tonight:

Megan: I heard that there is this philosophy where when you die, you are reincarnated over and over so that eventually everyone gets reincarnated as you, and you’re your own mother and father.

Daniel (who is taking a philosophy class): Ahhhh… but the question is, what is you?

Albert: It’s the letter after T.

Angela and Megan: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Daniel (to Megan): You should read some of the stuff Plato comes up with. It’s total nonsense.

Angela: Wait, wasn’t Plato the philosopher you thought was interesting?

Daniel: No, that was Socrates.

Albert: I prefer clay.


Albert: You know, Plato… Playdough… Clay…

Angela and Megan: Ohhhh!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

We also discussed what would happen if one brought a Nintendo DS to the Middle Ages, talked about how a silicone jar opener makes a great follow focus for cinematography, and gathered around to stare at a bag of tea as the particles diffused in steaming hot water.

Such is the life of a family of nerds.

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