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I have done a terrible job booking myself this year. I keep double-booking myself! I am not sure why I keep messing up my schedule.

One of these was that I accidentally booked the church’s marriage conference to start the evening I was flying back from Midwinter Conference!

What was pretty funny was that we invited Jeff Mazzariello, a pastor from Marin Covenant  Church, was our guest speaker.


Jeff was also at Midwinter Conference, and even though we tried to meet up, it never happened. I didn’t meet him until after I got back from Midwinter, when the marriage conference was already in process!

Jeff did an amazing job. He taught about what a godly, Christ-centered marriage meant. There was lots of biblical truth and practical teaching as well as funny stories! Everyone loved it. In fact, every single evaluation received said that they would recommend this conference. People were bummed they hadn’t invited more friends!

There were also breakout sessions, which went well. This picture is from the “Finishing Well” session, where couples shared tips on keeping marriage strong through life.


But one of the best parts for me was getting to see my little baby nephew! My sister Corrie came to the conference. (She gave rave reviews on Jeff before we invited him and was a major reason we went with him!) She also recorded the first session that I missed.


During a workshop I got to hold Benjamin and have an impromptu photo session in the tech booth.


This kid is so darn cute! I love this photo of him peeking over Albert’s shoulder. He’s so cuddly and cute and has such a great, happy personality!


The conference and class were good, but took their toll. When I got home, there was a big pile waiting for me on my desk. It’s really amazing how far I get behind when I am gone… things pile up at work and at home, since I am the main admin person at home, handling just about every piece of paper that passes through our house!


But it was sure good to be home and be with my family again. I am thankful for FaceTime, which makes these trips go easier in feeling connected with my family, but there is nothing like being home and being able to hug my husband and kids.

I am thankful for my husband, kids, extended family, traveling mercies, and a great marriage conference!

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