Valentine’s Day dinner

Albert and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by going to Magpie Cafe in Sacramento. We found out it was the first time they had done a special dinner for Valentin’es Day! The chef said it was interesting seeing everyone dress up because usually it is a casual place.

The had a prix fixe menu for the evening, which is one of our favorites. It’s like a tasting menu where the chef puts together a sampling of the best or special occasion food. We enjoy these meals because we share different items and get to have a sampling of all sorts of delicious food!

The food was outstanding. The bread was like French bread, perfectly baked, with a parsley-butter. (At least, I think that’s what it was.)


Then there was mushrooms with uh… something creamy and yummy and buttered bread.


There was a lobster bisque with a strong lobster taste, very delicious but a little on the salty side.


One entree was the beef with enoki mushrooms…


…and another was… uh…hmm… yummy meat. That was Albert’s dish. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I liked the taste!


This is an example of why I will never be a food blogger. It is a running joke how my sister gives detailed and highly critical acclaims of food in her blog. I’m all about taking pictures of it, but describing what it actually is… well, that’s best left to the experts. Can you tell I’m a designer, not a cook? (Designers like white space. I noticed the big white plates that offset the beauty of the food.)

We really enjoyed the meal but the only thing we didn’t like was sometimes there were some picked items. (Like the pink things in the beef dish above.) Neither Albert nor I were really into the sour taste.

It was a wonderful evening with my dear husband, and we had good conversation. However, near the end I started feeling a bit nauseous, to the point that I couldn’t finish my dinner. At least we were able to pack it up and take it home!



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