Creativity and concern

Starting on Valentine’s Day, I began to feel a bit off.

In the morning, we had our Creative Team meeting. I am so thankful for these people, both staff and volunteers, who serve together to think about how we can create God-honoring, inspiring and biblically-centered, engaging services. (I guess that’s quite a mouthful!) We spent a couple hours looking forward and thinking of creative ideas, as well as planning Easter.


Matt, who is the one who now coordinates the preachers, was sick, so he Skyped in. He picked interesting pictures to represent himself. I suppose this picture was probably symbolic of how he felt. He sounded pretty sick.


After a little bit, I started feeling a bit nauseous. I wasn’t exactly sure why, but after we ate some lunch I felt a little better, so I thought maybe it was because I was hungry.

But then later that night when Albert and I went out to dinner, near the end I started feeling bad again, so we went home.

The next day, Friday, I did not feel well all day. I started having chest pains, shoulder pain and numbness in my arm, to the point that I woke up with my arm all tingly and numb-feeling in the middle of the night.

It bothered me through Saturday too, so that I was finally convinced  to call an advice nurse. I was pretty sure it was stress, but the advice nurse told me I should call my doctor and go to the ER.

I called the doctor and he said go to the ER.

So Albert and I spent four hours at the emergency room, while I got tests, an IV, x-rays, even oxygen. I guess they found some things that raised some flags but in the end the doctor thought it was probably stress.


(In a follow-up visit with my regular doctor, I also had other symptoms, including a body rash and cramping in the scalp, all stress symptoms as well. The doctor did a follow-up EKG and thankfully everything was normal!)

I thought the little monitor they had was fascinating, showing the heart beating and oxygen levels. I tried to experiment by moving around just to see what would happen, but it was a little difficult due to both arms being strapped to machines. I also didn’t really care for the IV, as it hurt. IVs and I have never gotten along very well.


This experience just really made me thankful for such a supportive husband (Albert stayed with me the whole time), the great blessing of insurance and great health care (I was super impressed by the entire experience at the ER) and for relatively good health. I was pretty sure these were all stress symptoms and it so much better to know that it wasn’t a heart issue! Very thankful for the Lord’s blessings.

A Yee

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