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Brains and beauty

Half of our family is strong on brains and the other half is strong on appreciating beauty.

This was very evident this evening.

The dinner discussion was stimulated by Daniel’s comment last night when he went to a restaurant where every single TV showed a sports event going on. It wasn’t even a sports bar! It was an Asian restaurant!

This led to a family discussion this evening about how cool it would be to have a restaurant tailored towards geeks. Ideas we came up with:

  • TVs would show Discovery Channel, Myth Busters, Food Network, Star Trek and League of Legends game streaming.
  • Dishes on the menu would be named after scientific theories or principles.
  • The restaurant would need to be located in a fairly metropolitan area near a college campus (to attract all the geeky computer-gaming types).
  • Albert thought the restaurant should be painted all black with large screens showing video game streaming. I thought it should be split into sections and each room would have its own theme, like a room that looked like a starship.
  • Nerdy t-shirts like those offered on Think Geek would adorn some walls.

The only problem was we couldn’t agree on the food. I guess that is an important factor if you want to open a restaurant.

Not that we are planning to open a restaurant, but it was fun to think of a restaurant our family would totally visit!

After that, I drove Megan to a conference. On the way, we saw a beautiful sunset! Both of us thought the same time, “Take a picture!”


Not bad for being taken from a moving car!

It was so beautiful. We spent most of the drive admiring it and Megan spent much time trying to figure out how to use her camera that she hadn’t used in a long time.


Such a beautiful sunset declares the glory of God!

Then Megan took pictures during the conference, which had beauty of another kind. We were both very impressed her little point and shoot captured such clarity from the back of the room!


Being video types, we also talked about masking video into a circle so that it can be projected on a round screen. (We did also talk about the content of the conference and the truth from God’s Word that she heard. We aren’t THAT shallow…. :-))

It was fun to share so much in common. I guess my daughter and I are both artists and geeks at the same time.

Speaking of which, we were talking about the holiness of God and how just one sin separates us from an absolute pure God. Megan said, “It’s like hexadecimal colors, where if you have FFFFFF, and just one letter is off and you have FFFFFE, that even though you’re not 000000, you can never be FFFFFF.” (#FFFFFF is the code for white and #000000 is the code for black.) I guess only Photoshoppers and digital designers will really understand that analogy, but that is an example from our techno-geek, Jesus-following family. 🙂

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