A fun way of doing announcements.

This past week, our team at church got to make a newscast for announcements. It was a blast. (Click on the picture to watch.)

Usually our announcements are a bit on the dull side… a person gets up and delivers them in person. We have very talented people and some really great worship hosts, but it’s really a tough job keeping people engaged when you are up there talking about announcements. (Glen was worship host once and when he followed the script, he was up there for 15 minutes!) So we thought we would change it up.

It was really a team effort:

  • Matt was the driving force behind this project. He’s got the humor to make something like this possible.
  • I helped coordinate everything from a project management standpoint.
  • Glen lugged all the equipment and helped set up the studio.
  • Matt, Glen, Kyle and I brainstormed funny ways to announce what was going on.
  • Megan was the camera person and main editor.
  • Jack was a high school student and a great ham on camera! He and Matt played well off each other (there were ad lib parts that got into the video).

With the senior pastor office now vacated, it has become a video studio. We set up the green screen and the lights, so it will be very easy to go in and shoot because everything is already set up.

The shooting went relatively quickly, and then later in the week I shot the one of Kyle (terribly lighting!).

Megan did most of the work on the editing, but it was fun to work together. It was actually ridiculous between the two of us that we pretty much used almost every video program we have to make this video… six different types of software!

1. Megan did the opening intro in Apple Motion.

2. I found the Digital Juice background for her to use in the background. I used the Juicer program to manage and extract the files.

3. She did the green screen editing in After Effects (because she said it does green screen keying better than Apple Motion).

4. She imported everything into Adobe Premier and did the video editing and sound.

5. She then imported all of that into iMovie to add lower third titles.

6. However, there were major sound issues and because of the way iMovie is set up, for her to adjust the sound in Premier and re-do it iMovie would just take too much time. So she fixed the sound, exported it, I imported it into Final Cut and added the lower third text that way.

I think it is God’s provision that Megan is done with school and couldn’t find a job and is available to help with all these videos. There’s no way we could pull these types of projects off with my limited time and added workload from losing two key Ministry Directors. Megan has become the UCC unpaid video intern. 🙂 In the process, she and I are both learning a lot about videos, like creating mattes for green screen, color balancing and such.

This week there will be some changes and upgrades to the video announcements. I am off from work this week so Megan is going in to shoot by herself, and I have been banned from doing any work. However, I am hoping that being proactive last week in putting plans in motion will pay off for this week. 🙂

Megan and I both cringe at some of the technical things that are off in this video, but when we showed it to Albert he said he didn’t catch any of those things at all. The important thing is that people paid attention and enjoyed it during service yesterday!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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