Blurry left eye

This week I am taking off some time to rest and relax and recover from some stress symptoms.

In within about 10 days, I had a series of symptoms that ended up with going to three different doctors. In all I had about six different symptoms, and all three doctors diagnosed the different symptoms as a result of stress.

One of these symptoms is a blurriness in my left eye. I went to the eye doctor and he discovered a blister in the back of my eye in the macular area. It is really hard to describe what it looks like, but I tried to make a rendition in Photoshop. I would say this describes it maybe 50% of what it really looks like. I took a screenshot of a news article today from Google News. This is kind of what my vision would look like if I were to focus on the black dot in the text.



It’s a little hard to describe. The grey background is not quite as pronounced as the graphic above, and the letters have a glowing 3D look, like they are distorted by a drop of water.

I looked online and it looks like the condition is called Central Serous Retinopathy. What was so interesting was that this site showed a photograph and the glowing light grey spot is exactly the shape of the blur in my left eye. (The shape is the light flat oval with the white streak in it — the photo shows the left and right sides separately but in my eye it is all one long oval like the blurry spot in the sample text above.)



It looks like there is not much I can do about this other than rest and pray for healing. It is a bit weird that I’m not supposed to lift things or bend forward or lie on my tummy because this puts pressure on where the blister is. I feel perfectly fine, so it is hard to think, “Why can’t I pick this up?” when normally I would just bend over and pick something up without thinking about it.

Unfortunately most of my relaxation activities require me to use my vision: reading, crocheting, knitting, weaving, drawing, blogging, making jewelry, etc.). But as long as I do not sit and read for a long time, I seem to be ok. When I read a lot I end up with a headache by the end of the evening that feels like a big lead brick in my brain.

But I have been getting a ton of sleep. Just in the last two nights I have had better sleep than any of the nights in the previous couple of months! The vision thing might take a while to clear up but hopefully the other symptoms will be better at the end of the week!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - March 5, 2013

    I have been praying for your healing

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - March 6, 2013

    Thank you!

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