Junk and jewelry

Lately I seem to be in a kick of alliterating the titles to my posts.

But that’s just a random statement. What I’m really writing about tonight is last week when I was on a leave of absence for a week.

In an effort to destress my life, I finished up a project of getting rid of lots of paper and junk in our house.

I finally scanned through an entire file drawer of old papers. Albert put his iPhone in front for scale. That’s a lot of papers! It has taken weeks.


On the relaxing side, I made jewelry one day. There is something relaxing about twisting around little wires and trying out different combinations of beads.

One of my heroes in the Bible is Bezalel, who was a master craftsman and pretty much could do any kind of crafts. His ability was given directly by God. I enjoy using creative gifts because they are an expression of abilities that God has given!

Here are the earrings I made.

Glass earrings with copper-colored accents, so I used copper wire and beads.


Glass beads and gold wires. I used wire to make the loops. It was a bit of an experiment because the wire was originally straight and I had no idea what I was doing. It was really hard to make them even.


Copper beads and copper wire. The beads in the middle are some kind of bead, but I am not sure what kind.


Glass beads and silver wire. These beads are pretty cool-looking. They have foil in them so they look shiny.


I also used silver wire to wrap around these aqua beads with foil in them. The wire is very soft and easy to bend. They look like little presents.


There is something about creating that is therapeutic and peaceful. Now that my eyes are changing, it’s getting a little challenging, but I suppose that’s what reading glasses are for!

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