Staff whiffle ball

Once a month, our staff brown bags our lunches and eats lunch together. Last month, Shelley, who is the designated Party Girl (formerly known as “Morale Officer”), coordinated so we all had a potluck lunch and then a little after-lunch activity (March 12. I’m way behind in blogging!). Angela YeeAngela Yee is a church leadership […]

Parody music video

What do you do when you’re a creative type who doesn’t really enjoy school, likes to make videos, can sing and you like My Little Pony? You make a parody music video! Angela YeeAngela Yee is a church leadership systems consultant as well as a professional designer. She helps church leaders “get it done” by […]

Unsigned work

Every designer comes across a job where they say, “Don’t tell anyone I did this project.” The project becomes about getting the job done, but the designer doesn’t like the end result. This was totally the case a month or two ago when we did a new stage design. We had some challenges and goals […]