Staff whiffle ball

Once a month, our staff brown bags our lunches and eats lunch together. Last month, Shelley, who is the designated Party Girl (formerly known as “Morale Officer”), coordinated so we all had a potluck lunch and then a little after-lunch activity (March 12. I’m way behind in blogging!).

We all sat in the picnic bench and enjoyed a lot of delicious home-cooked foods. This church can cook. A previous church I was at, everyone brought in take-out food whenever there was a potluck!

Afterwards, we all went out to the field for a little game of whiffle ball. I was not able to participate due to doctor’s orders so I took pictures instead. (A more enjoyable activity than sports to me, anyway!)

We actually have quite an athletic staff. Most our people either 1) play sports regularly or 2) used to play sports regularly or 3) are married to people who do sports professionally or 4) have kids who are pro sports players. Me, I got the geeky gene. I have no sports history and I only got good grades in P .E. because we had to memorize all the sports rules and take written tests. Hence, my preference to be the photographer.

It was the first time I’ve ever tried burst mode, which is cool because my camera fires off several shots at once. That was how I was able to capture this picture of Alex hitting the whiffle ball. (Picture was shot at 1/320th of a second, which was enough to freeze Alex’s motion but showed the ball as a blur.)


People took turns pitching. Here’s a time when Kyle was pitching.


Here’s Sam up to bat, with a view of all the lovely trees in bloom.


The ending of the game was most exciting. Carol Loscutoff, our esteemed choir director, gave the winning score. She was picked up by Kyle and Matt and paraded across the filed. Love this shot that captured the spirit of the day!



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