Birthday #1

Last month was my birthday! It was a multi-part celebration.

The first part was the extended family celebration. Unfortunately, Corrie and her family were on a missions trip so they were not able to join us. But my mom came!




We went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. We had yummy sizzling rice soup and many other Chinese dishes.


For the life of me I can’t even remember which restaurant we went to, but the food was good!


Afterwards, we went home because my mom got me a birthday cake. As I was trying to set up my camera and test the self-timer, Megan and Albert’s true personalities came out.


Can you tell who Megan takes after? (Hint: not her mother.)


It took forever to figure out how to use the self-timer on the camera, but we finally got a picture… and everyone was in focus except for me. Ok, work on focusing next time.


We had an enjoyable evening and the cake was delicious!



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