Birthday #2

The second celebration we had was with the four of us. I had been wanting to go to Buckhorn Grill because I had heard how yummy the food was. I also got a little taste of it at a catered meal.


The restaurant is out in Winters, so it was a little bit of a drive. We got there a little early and the sun was setting, which meant that there was great light for photographs! Our family hung out in front and I used my Canon 5D Mark ii to take some photos. Gotta love the big sensor that picks up light so well! Hmm… how come the kids sit upright when they’re with Albert…


…but fall over when I sit down?


I like this picture I got of Albert — nice lighting!


After entering the restaurant, we noticed the very interesting decor — large animal heads. Wow, those animals are big. I sure would not want to meet one in the wild in real life!


The food was absolutely delicious. Every single item was so good. It was too dark to take pictures, though. We had delicious beef and mashed potatoes and veggies. Everything was cooked to perfection and super flavorful.

And then for a nice surprise, I got a free slice of mud pie! I was super impressed at such a nice birthday surprise! (Liked how the photo turned out too!)


It was a wonderful evening with my family and a great way to celebrate my birthday!

A Yee

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