Birthday #4

Birthday #4 was celebrated by our church staff. Once a month we have a birthday celebration for all the people who had birthdays that month. Before there were only two of us. I think now there are four! Shelley was so nice and made birthday cakes for us! She made me a red velvet cake because that is one of my favorite cakes! That is so sweet!


I used a piece of paper to fan out the candles and the person next to me said, “Oh, come on, you can’t do that! You’re supposed to blow out the candles!” I said, “I have a sore throat.” He said, “Ok, never mind. That’s good you didn’t blow out the candles.”

Along with the birthdays, the lunch was also a culmination of the staff March Madness contest. All of us were given a bracket sheet where we had to predict all the winners. Then we counted up all the points to see who won.


I didn’t even know there was collegiate basketball. I never even heard of half the teams before. I picked my teams by looking at Tony Morgan’s chart because he seems to know a lot more about basketball than I do and I read his blog regularly. I got 154 points.

The guys were really into basketball. They spent hours researching and selecting their teams.

They all lost. Their scores were in the 150-190 range.

The top winner was Kirsten Graeber, one of our nursery school directors. She picked her teams randomly. Another high scorer was another one of the women, who picked every other team on the chart. Kirsten got 248 points. Kim Windall got over 200.

The all-time lowest score was one of our admins, who picked teams by flipping a quarter. She got something like 90 some points. She actually won a plate of browies, labeled “The Losingest Loser.” So, actually she was a winner.


So, it was a day of lots of celebration, fun, and a bit of whining from the guys. 🙂




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