Steven’s birthday party

My nephew Steven celebrated his… er… 5th? birthday? I can’t even remember my own age or my kids age… it’s hopeless to try to remember my nephew’s birthday too! Bad auntie!

Corrie had planned to have a small family party, but it morphed to a block party that was a combination goodbye-party for some neighbors. Corrie carted Benjamin around on her back.


And then it was time to feed Benjamin. I love the warm glow of the setting sun!


A party for kids is not complete without a pinata. It was super cute how once Steven was blindfolded, he was led to the pinata and they let him feel it to figure out where it was located.


I love this expression on his face as he anticipates the joy of bashing in the pinata!


A good whack!


Meanwhile, Benjamin got passed around. Here’s my mom with her grandson!


Then it was time for the eagerly-anticipated cake, as my other nephew Matthew demonstrates.


The setting sun provides great lighting for photos. Love this captured moment of my playful nephew!


Corrie’s kids are soooo photogenic!


Poor Albert was suffering terribly from allergies, so after Steven opened his presents we headed home. It was a super low-key casual party. Those are some of the best kinds!


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  1. Carmen Lin - May 14, 2013

    Comparatively speaking, it was a short party, but quite enjoyable for me, despite my debilitating illness

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