A teenaged-filled day

Saturday, May 11th was a busy day full of teenagers! I love how our kids have their friends over. Yes, it is a lot of chaos and noise but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daniel had his friend Kevin over and Megan had her friend Ariel over as well, so everyone had breakfast together! We see Ariel quite often, but Kevin we had not seen in a couple years. He was a childhood friend with Daniel back in the Bay Area. It was great to see him again! We are trying to convince him to go to school at UCD.


Kevin had come over because he and Daniel went to the UC Davis League of Legends (video game) tournament. Daniel was the team leader. Albert went over and took some pictures.


I guess there were quite a number of people there. Seems like a disproportionate amount of Asians!


Here’s Daniel and his team. His friend Albin is way in back. The fifth member is missing and I don’t know who the other person is.


Meanwhile, I took Megan over to Elk Grove to the Azusa Pacific University new student orientation. There were a lot of people there!


I must say I have been nothing but impressed with APU ever since Megan applied at the beginning. They were great about sending communication, reaching out to parents, and keeping on top of things. I was really impressed at how organized the NSO was. There were friendly greeters everywhere and everything was so well planned and organized.

And I could not believe the snacks!


Wow! I really could not believe the food.


I was most impressed by the cheese plate, which had bright green cheese and purple-veined cheese. You can kind of see the cheese below. Everything was so beautifully presented. (The layout left a little to be desired though… plates in the middle with food on either end and drinks interrupting the flow. Was a bit chaotic with people crossing back and forth. But I only think of those things because I plan events and food lines. :-))


What was very funny was that we went up to get the snacks and when we came back, who was sitting a few empty seats down from us but Greg Yee, our area’s denominational leader! (Greg is also related to my friend the other Angela Yee, who I grew up with in Chicago. She married Greg’s brother.) It was so funny how in such a huge room he and his son happened to pick the seats next to us. It was also a bit amusing that later Megan told me that we four were the only Asians in the whole group. And somehow we all managed to end up sitting next to each other… didn’t get a chance to get a picture of them though. I just got a picture of Megan.


They had the students separate from the parents and the presentation for the parents was very interesting and educational. They have thought of everything in helping the new student transition smoothly the first year. Even there they had a time for students to intentionally meet someone else, and a tradition of a blessing and giving them a pen to bring to class the first day. It actually was very touching and meaningful. Everything was well-thought-out and I feel really good about Megan going away in the fall. Soooo impressed! Oh yeah, I already said that.

After going home… via the long way… we got back a little late for Megan’s film reading meeting. She is shooting a short film this summer and she’s the director. It was very cool seeing my daughter’s leadership skills put to use. Sniff, sniff… brings a tear to my eye and makes me proud!


They had a lot of fun too… as well as junk food. Cheez-its and packaged cookies… a far cry from the elegant food we had earlier! But who cares? They had a blast!


After that we took Kevin to Mikuni’s to give him a taste of some of the benefits of moving to Davis. He had never had Mikuni’s sushi before and enjoyed it. Not sure if we convinced him though…

And that was our day from morning until night!


A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — angelayeedesign.com) and teaches leadership skills at strategysketchnotes.com.

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