Meaningful Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was super special!

Daniel, my son who hates writing, wrote me a handwritten note. Awww… it was sooooo sweet!! That is a true sign of love… a teenage son writing his mother a heartfelt note.

And Megan had worked weeks in advance and made me handmade stickers! She drew each one and then painstakingly laminated them and put double-sided sticky tape on the back. I was so very impressed by her creativity and ingenuity.


After our church services, we had a bit of a celebration as my mom came over.


Albert cooked a tremendous meal… steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and delicious roasted veggies. Sure beat going out and fighting crowds at the restaurants on Mother’s Day. Also was great on the budget and out-of-the-world tasty too!


I was very thankful for the opportunity to celebrate together as a family!

A Yee

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