Staff jeopardy

Once a quarter, during our monthly staff lunch, we do something a little fun. This past month (May), we played UCC Jeopardy!



We were split up into five teams, each team on one sofa.




Alex was the one who came up with the game and also hosted it. He’s a pretty smart guy who knows a lot of stuff. He didn’t even have to really look anything up and made up all these questions in like half an hour, some of which were incredibly difficult and stumped all of us. He just pulled it from memory. Wow. I’m lucky if I remember what day it is.




The teams were not quite evenly balanced. For example, Team 1 had people from UCNS, UCC Counseling Center, and accounting, which was at a disadvantage regarding specific people or happenings in our ministries (because they cover other areas than what the game was about).




Whereas Team 2 had Dan Britts, who has overseen just about everything in this church and knows just about everybody!



I was on Team 3, with full-of-personality Glen and Shelley. Team 4 was super laid back.




Team 5 was quite competitive.



There was a buzzer on the table from a board game and we had to run up and push it when we knew the answer.



Alex kept score.


And in the end, Team 5 won!


They proudly showed off their prizes — little kiddy bracelets.



It was really fun seeing who knew what and seeing people’s competitive streaks come out. I am so blessed to work with such an awesome staff team!

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