Ministry Director Retreat

Last month, our Ministry Director (MD) team went on a retreat up in Mill Valley. It was the first-ever (since I have been here) family retreat together. Usually we go off on our own to plan and work… this time we had the special privilege of bringing along spouses and kids!

Albert took a lot of pictures. Now that I look at them I realize we don’t have any large group meeting shots…but we have a lot of pictures of individuals and a few people talking! There was a lot of talking. We also processed some topics regarding being in ministry, what it meant as individuals and families. Ministry marriages have their own set of blessings and challenges, and it was great talking through those.




It was great also that we had a chance to hang out as well. It seemed the babies were quite popular…


…always being passed around.


They were terribly cute!




Especially when getting tickled.


The older kids were super charming too!


And it was really sweet seeing how well they played together.


It was such a kick when Alex read them all a goodnight story. One child wanted to wear her miner’s light. Another wanted to wear his superhero pajamas. I just love how kids can be themselves!


Our two fantastic Proteges, Allie and Sara, came up and volunteered their time to watch the kids the whole retreat. They were soooo awesome. They are great with kids and have tremendous energy to keep up! You can kind of get the sense of the kids’ energy in this iPhone picture I captured.


One evening we walked out by the lake and got a group photo. (Except for Albert. He was taking the photo.)



Albert wasn’t in the photo so they wanted to take a picture of him, and Albert surprised me by picking me up!


That husband of mine — he is always keeping me laughing! I am so grateful God brought him into my life — he’s such a blessing!


On the way home, Albert tested out the capabilities of his camera. Oops, this looks a little dark, but it was practically dark out there by the time he took this. It kind of reminds me a of a Thomas Kinkade painting with the lights at night and on the water.



We had a wonderful retreat together and I was very grateful for the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of community with the MDs and their families.

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