Peter and Emma’s wedding

In May (wow, has it already been over two months??), Peter and Emma got married!

Since Peter is our Tech Director, usually he is in T-shirt and shorts or jeans, but he dressed up for this special occasion! Albert roamed around taking pictures so I didn’t take hardly any pictures at all!. I like this picture he captured as Peter was walking towards the “altar.” I put that word in quotes since the whole wedding was outdoors on a lovely estate-grounds type of location.




This wedding was very special. I think it is the first UCC wedding we have attended, and it was so awesome to know all the people getting married and many of the people in the wedding and in the audience too! Both Peter and Emma were so happy and we were so happy for them!



Jon and Allie sang a fantastic duet for the wedding. Protege is now over and they are done and I’m soooo sad… Jon was our awesome worship Protege and Allie did Kidzone, but she sang regularly at the 5:30 service. Both of them have wonderful voices. What lovely gifts from the Lord!




Another thing different about this wedding was not not only were our kids there, but so was their friend Timmy!




I forget the name of the place that we went to, but it was out among the farm fields. It was an inn of some sorts and it had an interesting tower. It was very narrow and at the top there was a room with a bed in it. I guess guests can sleep there and then look out over the land.




There were no guests there, but the kids liked it!




There was a super delicious dinner catered by Buckhorn, and the weather was totally perfect! We really enjoyed our time there, hanging out with people and chatting. But we didn’t stay for the dancing or anything after the dinner because Megan was not feeling well, so we went home.




One picture I did take… an interesting tractor. The grounds were totally beautiful… flowers and gardens, lawn, outdoor furniture arranged so nicely. The tractor added some character. I think that is the cleanest tractor I have ever seen though.


Peter and Emma’s theme was “Up,” the movie about the couple that had a dream to travel, so they had people sign a globe when they arrived. They put up decorations made out of maps. Everything was so beautiful, creative and wonderfully planned. The most amazing thing to me was that two weeks before the wedding, I asked Peter if he was all stressed out and he said calmly, “Nope. I’m all done.” He had finished everything for the wedding — the first person I have ever met that has done so! He even made decorations and the table centerpieces!

What a joyous occasion. We felt blessed to be a part of it and are so thrilled that God has brought two godly people together to be united in Him in marriage!

A Yee

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