In which I do something really stupid and get a head injury

There are times in life when one looks back and thinks… why in the world did I do that? That was such a dumb thing to do! Unfortunately this happened the first day of June.

I was taking a picture and stood on a lawn chair. (Note #1: Do not stand on lawn chairs.) It turned out that the lawn chair was old and brittle. (Note #2: Do not stand on old, brittle lawn chairs.)

It lasted for a while, and the next thing I new, I was falling backwards and there was nothing I could do about it. It happened all so quickly.

I landed on the ground and the next thing I knew, blood was pouring down my neck. Albert was with me and ran in to get towels. (Note #3: Next time listen to my husband, who is an engineer and knows a lot more about structural things than me.)

Fortunately, I did not receive a concussion. In fact, I really didn’t feel much pain at all, even though the blood kept pouring down. I actually felt like I fared pretty well in the fall. The chair did not, however.


We think what happened was that the chair collapsed and I fell backwards and cut my head on the bottom of the chair, where we found some blood. It was kind of a nasty cut — when I went to the emergency room, the doctor took a look and said, “Good job,” and then he stitched me up. I actually had Albert take some pictures but it is kind of gross what with blood and tissue and big fat globule sticking out, and I’d like my blog to remain PG-rated. 🙂 So I will spare you the gore. It was a pretty nasty cut though… about 1/4 inch wide gaping open.

I did get bruises on my back and on my arm. Here’s how it looked two days later. Probably gives you an idea of the kind of impact my body had when I fell.



I feel very thankful the accident was not more serious. I bled for about an hour, but I learned that head wounds bleed a lot. The cut was at the base of my skull but fortunately it hit there and not two inches lower, which would have impacted my neck and spinal cord.

And being a good photographer, I saved my camera. It landed on top of me and was safe and sound. 🙂 (Not that I really meant to do that…)

Well, we have hit our insurance deductible this year, what with my two visits to the ER and then Megan’s a month later. However, now that we are all past that, we are very thankful the health issues are quite minimal and that the Lord protects and watches over us!

But I will not be standing on any more lawn chairs any more.

A Yee

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