New at APU

Megan is off to college! Yesterday Albert and I drove her down to Azusa Pacific, where she will be studying.


She actually got to move in a night early because her roommate got here and was able to let her in. We went out to dinner together and go to her and her friend. I have been praying for her roommate since Megan got accepted into APU and it is so wonderful that Megan’s roommate really loves the Lord!



Today started the weekend for new students and their parents. It was hot and there were a lot of people around. This is only half of the line for the trolley!



We walked around the fair and visited the booths to help Megan find a church. Of all things, it was so funny we stopped by a table and I picked up the brochure and looked at the pastor’s name. I thought, hmmm… his name sounds familiar and wondered if he was the husband of one of our keynote speakers who spoke at the first Asian American Women’s Conference that I had directed 13 years ago. I had visited his church and met his wife, and his name seemed familiar, but I wasn’t sure. After talking to him, it turned out he was the same pastor! What a small world!

Then Albert made a friend! Azusa’s mascot is a cougar.




We also went to Target to get stuff. The Target is cool — parking lot underneath and the store on top. The carts have their own escalator.




We dropped Megan off so she could rest, and then poked around. We stopped by the Cinematic Arts office and got an impromptu tour of the editing room! The people here are all so nice. We even met one of Megan’s professors-to-be.



We also stopped by the math and science building. I really liked their atrium and the cool water feature there.



What was super cool was that what I thought was a turtle statue (see bottom right corner of photo above) dove into the water and started swimming. There were lots of other turtles in there too!



Albert ran into the math department chair there and he took us on a little tour too! It’s such a nice facility!




It’s not every day you find whiteboards like this. Only in a math class!





It was funny stopping by one of the labs. There was a super-powerful magnet and someone had attached fishing line so that it looked like the items were floating in the air, pointed at the magnet.



Here’s a close-up picture. The items actually are not touching the magnet. I suppose this is geek humor — something our family appreciates. 🙂


It was a good day, but the heat and crowds were a bit too much. After dinner, Albert and I punted on the evening programs and went out for some ice cream and hung out at the hotel for a restful evening. I really appreciate our opportunity to be here and we feel really good about Megan attending here. The people are all so nice and friendly. There are a ton of students walking around helping newcomers move in and get comfortable. APU has done a fantastic job helping families transition. It’s hard that our baby is going to college but we know she is in good hands!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - September 1, 2013

    I also began praying for Megan’s roommate when I first heard of Megan’s acceptance into APU. I’m so thankful to hear that Megan’s roommate loves the Lord. I’m also glad to hear that you’ve found a church for Megan to attend.
    God answers many prayers!

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - September 2, 2013

    Thanks for praying!

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