Benjamin’s first birthday

I can’t believe my little nephew has turned one year old!

Back in July, my sister Corrie had a pool party for him. Benjamin’s Twitter name is @3rdbear, so she had a bear-themed party! (At least, I think that’s why she had bears.) I guess she can correct me in the comments!

She made a really cool cake out of fondant! (Her friend helped.) Corrie’s great at cartoons, and I totally loved her polar bear! The cupcakes had gummy bears.


Benjamin was pretty chill. He’s such an easy-going kid. He was carried by one person after another. Hmmm… note the uncanny resemblance with grandpa!






After lunch, it was time to celebrate with cake! Benjamin looked a little leery of the candle.…


…and did not look terribly enthusiastic when the cupcake was brought closer to him.


“What is this stuff anyway?” What a funny expression!


Then it was sampling time.


Yum yum! He broke his cupcake to pieces and ate with relish!


Meanwhile, he was being observed by all the others attending. Notice how significantly small he appears compared to everyone else!


Then the rest of us got to enjoy the yummy cake Corrie had made!


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