Breakaway Superhero Summer

I am finally getting around to blogging about one of the reasons I was so busy this summer — Breakaway! Every summer we have a summer day camp to help kids learn about Jesus, and this year we had a fun superhero theme based on heroic qualities such as wisdom, courage, and love.




The church was turned into a superhero city. (Click here to see the details on the construction of the city.)





Every day, the kids got to watch a drama about a boy named Lance who dreams of being a superhero, but all he can manage is pretending to be Lance the Duck. Lance meets Quickstar and Justice Jay, the superheroes of the city.





Unfortunately, the mayor and Lance’s grandma get frozen and kidnapped by the villains, Major and Minor Mayhem.



Eventually the villains freeze over the whole city and there is a battle on the bridge.



But in the end, one of the villains is redeemed, while the other ends up in a sad place.



Through the story, the character qualities were introduced. Kids really loved the drama. The heroes were like celebrities and kids wanted their signatures and pictures!



Kids also learned songs and dances of worship. The high-energy dance team was so much fun!



They even had everyone strike superhero poses during one of the songs.




Jordon and Hannah did a great job leading the dance team. The dances were really cool.



The kids really got into it. It was so cute watching them dance!



I just like this picture of the dancers… looks so mysterious, and the one person who is in focus happens to have her face uncovered. 🙂



After the rally with the drama and singing, the kids went to a story time, where each day the storyteller would tell a story from the Bible that talked about the character trait. Theron was one of the storytellers and got into character as the high-tech superhero tool developer…



…who made things like mind-reading helmets (I was so impressed I couldn’t figure out how he read the little girl’s mind!) …



… and told the story of Jericho, using a metal lunchbox as the Ark of the Covenant, swimming noodles as trumpets, and cardboard as the city of Jericho. So creative!



Liz Meagor was another one of the storytellers, and she told the story of Peter and John healing the crippled man and facing the authorities.



Doug taught a couple stories too and also gave the salvation message.



The kids had small groups afterwards to process what they learned. We were so excited that this year 56 kids accepted Christ!!!



There was lots to do… fun outdoor activities…



…including this year’s jousting pool. The construction team did an amazing job building stairs!



It was so great seeing the exuberance of the kids enjoying themselves!



Arts and crafts had so many activities going on. Face painting is a big hit every year. (Oops, a little out of focus!)



The food team did an amazing job and kids and volunteers got snacks. Grace, our leader, churned out food for 480 kids and 300 volunteers and somehow managed to feed everyone way under budget because of the generosity of so many businesses and individuals who contributed.



The kids were also encouraged to participate in a mission project to raise money to provide lockers for security for orphaned kids in South Africa. It was pretty awesome how the kids took so much initiative, selling lemonade and doing other things to raise money. By far the most creative project was a team that raced frogs and charged admission for people to watch. Every day, Glen would bring up kids to tell about what they were doing. The goal was $2,000 but the kids raised $2930!



The preschoolers had their own program in parallel with the big kids.



We had our highest number of volunteers ever, over 300. The tech crew worked many hours. Here’s Timmy helping to white-balance the video camera.



People worked the entire week before, coming in every night to help out, some staying until past midnight. Once the week started, after every day, volunteers came in and cleaned up and restuffed small group bins.




This was the first time I was co-director with Glen (previously was assistant director). We had a team of over 30 leaders just to plan this event, and those leaders had sub-leaders or teams under them! Thanks to these amazing leaders, I think I had the lightest load ever out of all these years I have done Breakaway — people were off and running in their areas and had them humming smoothly. In fact, during the week, there really wasn’t much for me to do (the majority of my work was before the event), so I had fun hanging out with the photo team. Under Sherry’s awesome leadership, we had the largest team ever, and this time even did a brand-new thing where all the small groups got their own group photo on the last day. It was really fun going around taking pictures (like the ones in this blog!) and talking shop. Albert even came one day!




This entire experience was such a privilege and joy serving with very capable and servant-hearted leaders and volunteers. It truly was an all-church event, as those who could not come donated items and helped out in many ways.

Our storage challenges once again were thankfully solved as Matt was on sabbatical and we used his office as a storage room! It’s kind of funny how that every year we find an empty office… last year Jamie was on sabbatical, and the year before I was on leave of absence. I don’t know what we are going to do one of these years when no one is gone. We will have to line our office hallways with items or something!



Well, I am not too worried. It is obvious that God’s hand was over this entire effort and He always provides.


A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Carmen Lin - September 23, 2013

    This year I was gone so much (in Taiwan from 5/12 – 6/24, and in Boston from 8/6 to 9/5) that I never got a chance to learn anything about Breakaway. It surely sounds a lot of fun, but I cannot even imagine one little bit of it.
    Thanks for letting me have a little peek into it. Great pictures and descriptions!

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - September 24, 2013

    It was a bummer you were not able to be there. Maybe next year! 🙂

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