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Corrie’s birthday tea

In July, Corrie and I did our annual tradition of a sister’s birthday tea. I took her to Linde Lane in Dixon, our favorite tea place, for her birthday.



It’s always fun having tea with Corrie because we have things in common.

1. She’s a foodie like me, so she is always taking pictures of her food.

2. She blogs as well, so she is always taking pictures.

3. She likes to tweet, so she is always taking pictures.

4. She likes photography, so she is always taking pictures.

Hmmm… I’m sensing a recurring theme here…



However, I am a camera snob, so whereas she had her nice little iPhone that took really good pictures, I lugged around my Canon 5D Mark ii with my f2.8 lens.

However, as I spent 3,578 minutes fiddling with my aperture, white balance and shutter speed settings, she snapped off many pictures that turned out better than mine. The irony. Humph.

Anyway, the food, as always, was delicious. We loved the sorbet. It was so long ago I don’t even remember what kind it was. Mango or something?



I won’t even bother to try to explain the other dishes. Suffice to say they were yummy.




Sandwiches, scones, desserts…  was stuffed!

13-0924tea05 13-0924tea06



Very enjoyable time!



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