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I am finally catching up after months of being behind! Now I am back on August 11th (over two months ago!)

This summer we had a chance to have many celebrations. One of these was our (almost) annual August celebration with Albert’s parents, where we celebrate three birthdays and two anniversaries. (Dad and Mom, Albert and my anniversaries; Albert, Megan and Daniel’s birthday!)

To celebrate, Mom and Dad generously took us to a fancy restaurant called Sea by Alexander. It was awesome!

The restaurant had a very eye-catching dramatic wall that was the focal point as we walked in. (Focal point — that’s one of the design elements I am learning about in my interior design class! :-)) Underneath was a glass shield where we could see the cooks in action.



Opposite the large wall was a smaller wall, with lighted windows in which there were vases of orchids.



There was a table on the side that had some wine, with some beautiful orchids! I think they were real.


The dinner began with cute little bites of bread and yummy stuff inside. It was so long ago I really have no idea what was inside but I do remember it was quite tasty!



Our little girl is now taller than her grandma! The restaurant was actually darker than this but I lightened the pictures so that it looks better.




Dad and Mom!



Me and Albert! Boy, I looked tired…



And the kids! All grown up now…



The food was so delicious. There were shot glasses with hamachi appetizers. There were rolls of beef (I think they were Kobe beef?) with yummy sides and dipping sauces.



I really like how this picture turned out — Albert’s little camera takes great pictures even in low light!



There were a couple other delicious dishes. This one was scallops.






They brought out a nice celebratory dessert!



I totally loved this one. I think it was mousse with cookie crumbs, creme and raspberries, made to look like a terrarium!



And another dessert… banana flavored, I think.



There was a “whimsical finish” to the meal. Megan loved it! She loves candy. This was not on the menu but is a special “surprise” everyone gets. I suppose it is not such a surprise if you are a regular, as they give this out to everyone.



The rest of the dessert was served in a cool acrylic holder.



Daniel, the analytical type, found the holder to be even more fascinating than the food.



It was a very nice evening, spending time with Mom and Dad and celebrating the special milestones in August.

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