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Sept 9-10 — The Ministry Directors went to Aptos for a beginning-of-the-year retreat.

I really feel thankful that I get to work with such an awesome team! I think this was a smaller team than we have had in previous years, as we have some positions that are in the process of being filled. But it was nice to have Doug go on the retreat with us, as he was the newest one in the group. It was also great to have Matt back after his sabbatical.




Kim was not able to go so I was the only girl there. But the guys gave me the biggest room! Wow! Boy am I spoiled. Even though I tried to move elsewhere, they refused to let me.



We went to the beach for some reflection and sharing and Matt remembered I have sun allergies and brought a hat and a tent. So thoughtful!

Most of the time we hung out at the house that Doug found for us to stay in. We had lots of good discussion and planning.



In between, the guys played pool while I worked on a puzzle, we wandered around and saw funny things, like super round Winnie the Pooh’s…



And a window display in the a restaurant with a seafood shop where somebody with a sense of humor had set up a big fish eating a lobster.



It was a good start to a new academic year.

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