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Oct 30 — A few weeks ago I went with my sister and her kids to a “field trip” to Impossible Acres. What a great place for kids! Besides a pretty heavy dose of cuteness, I also got to take fun pictures of the kids. It was a bit challenging due to going from bright sunlight to dark indoor shade, especially since I was shooting in manual mode! But I did try out for the first time using a neutral picture setting and I think the pictures turned out a lot better (the darks were not so dark). I’ll have to write a little more some time about that.

My exposures did vary somewhat so I did do some exposure and color temperature adjustment, but these pictures are uncropped (except for the picture of all the hay, which had people walking on the edges).

Anyway, it was so great seeing Corrie’s kids enjoying the animals. I totally love this shot — the genuine expression of delight on Matthew’s face is just so precious!


He also really liked the bunny inside.  That is a pretty big bunny!




Corrie noticed that from above the bunny was egg-shaped! Here’s Steven with the bunny.



Here’s a picture of mom with all three kids! And a pony. Oops. I cut off the pony’s nose. Oh well, I wasn’t interested in the pony anyway.


I also like how the rays of light are coming from behind Steven. He has this look of tenderness as he is carrying a … uh… baby … uh … chicken? Obviously, I did not pay attention too much in my life sciences class. Oh wait. I never took a life sciences class. Well, that explains it then.


Hee hee, look at that expression Matthew’s face! One of the best things about photography is capturing these expressions that otherwise would have been lost forever.


The farm was a great place to run around, including a “corn maze.” I’m sure Corrie was thinking, run your hearts out kids, so you will sleep really well later tonight! She didn’t actually say that, though. I’m just projecting.


There was also a haystack maze. Big stacks of hay. Itty bitty kids.


However, no one used it as a maze. All the kids ran around the top of it. There were a few cringe moments as the kids jumped across the gaps, barely making it over. In fact, at one point Matthew tumbled head over heels and landed in the dirt below! But he just got up, laughing. What a tough kid!

This picture perfectly demonstrates the rule of thirds, where Matthew is on the right third of the picture. I planned it that way. Really. Especially since he was running everywhere and I knew in advance where to point and focus the camera so that he would be perfectly sharp.



Notice his mismatching shoes above! He is such a personality!

This picture is another example of his outgoing personality. I really like the light bouncing from the back too.



It was great to spend time with Corrie and the kids!


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