Strange things on porch

This must be the year of finding odd things on our porch. I think I totally forgot to write this, but on January 26th, we opened the door and found this.


It is not every day you find a pheasant on your front door step.

We were not too sure if it was a fake bird or a real one. Albert and I bent over it to check and it certainly looked real. Only the eyes looked a bit fake. We have no idea how it got there. There are lots of animals in Davis. I totally forgot that a while back I saw pheasants. However, this one was quite dead.

We even checked with our prankster-prone friends, who denied any involvement. None of them fessed up. Doesn’t mean they didn’t do it though.

Fast forward many months. On October 24th, our friend told us there was a dead snake on our porch. I went out to look. Sure enough, it was a very dead snake.


A very dead tiny snake. See my shoe for reference.


We had no idea how that snake got there. Or how a few days later, it mysteriously disappeared again.

Perhaps it is the cats in our neighborhood. Although, I would say it would have to be a very large cat to capture that pheasant. And who knows how both the pheasant and the snake stayed in one piece?

A Yee

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