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Whew, I am a wee bit tired after all the Christmas Eve services and family activities from Christmas… good things but so much crunched activity these past few weeks has left me a little depleted. Today I made some earrings and have tried to recharge by doing some creative things.

Part of what has made these past couple of weeks stressful is that my computer broke down. For someone who is trying to get rid of paper and go digital, this threw a major wrench in the works — especially since it broke the week that my design finals were due, two graduate school applications, and a deadline to transcribe and notate music for the string quartet!

Interestingly, Daniel and I had our computers break on the same day. His PC and my Mac both started manifesting problems when we were down in L.A. His kept acting weird, and then mine suddenly started blinking and then looked like this.


Even if you are not a computer expert, I bet you can tell that is not a good sign!

Then my screen went blank and it no longer worked.

However, once I got home, it worked again! It worked for a few more days, and then it once again blinked and looked like this.


The photo didn’t turn out so well because you can see a moire pattern in it. Here is a close up.



Uh… that’s also not good.

After rebooting, my computer looked like this.



In case you are wondering, that’s supposed to be two colors, a dark grey logo against a light grey background.

The error log went on forever as well. Since I took some screen shots, I am not sure if I put them back together in the right order.


It happened to be the week that our entire office was plagued with computer problems. Glen serves as our IT guy and this is how his morning was panning out.


He definitely had his work cut out for him. And lest this picture incite Mac jokes, it doesn’t even show all the PC problems he had! The computer woe fairy is an equal opportunity bestower.

Finally, my computer went kaput. In fact, Daniel’s computer died and Albert took it in for repairs in the morning. Then a few hours later, my computer died too!

Even after taking it in for repairs, it died again and Albert ended up getting me a new one. Now it has taken me weeks to get up and running. Fortunately I had backed up my previous computer, but a migration of the original disk had previously caused my computer to fail, so I was a bit leery of transferring the whole thing over. I have been copying over bits and pieces and now I can’t find my original disks for some of my software, half my fonts don’t work, my photos are totally disorganized and I have hundreds of GB of photos to comb through to make sure I am not accidentally erasing any, and I am constantly looking for missing files. I have had dozens and dozens of hours lost in productivity, am way behind in work, and lost some days of email that got pulled into my old computer before it crashed and erased everything.

It all has been a lot of headache and stress. Yes, these are first world problems, but it has caused a lot of challenges in getting things at work and at home done.

So here I am, days later, still copying files. This particular batch says it will take about 20 hours.

I’m just thankful for Time Machine, which backs up every 15 minutes! That and Glen’s help as well as my super supportive husband who has gone the extra mile to get me up and running again!

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  • Reply Albert Yee

    I’m sure you wouldn’t have this problem if you had a PC instead of a Mac. 😛

    December 28, 2013 at 9:53 am
  • Reply Carmen Lin

    If it had happened to me, it might be the end of the world to me.
    Fortunately, when my PC died in May when I was in Taiwan, my computer helper took it to a shop for repair (it cost NT$8000, almost US$300), and it came back without any more problem for me.

    December 30, 2013 at 10:20 pm
    • Reply Angela Yee

      That is good to hear! Those computer problems can cause so much trouble!

      January 11, 2014 at 11:39 pm

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