House design process

I have been learning a lot about interior architecture and design. For the class I took last semester, our assignment was to design a custom home. The teacher played the part of the “client” and there were specific requirements that were supposed to be met. We learned about how every house design goes through a […]

Christmas stage design

Nov 25th — December came early this year! We were still November and it was time to decorate for the first Sunday of December! We tore our previous set down as soon as the Abraham Epic was over, and it was time to put up our December stage design before Thanksgiving even came around! Little […]

Thanksgiving at APU

Nov 28, 2013 – For Thanksgiving, our family went down to see our daughter at Azusa Pacific because I forgot to buy a plane ticket and by the time I remembered, tickets were an outrageous $600 each (or something like that). So we decided we would go down and see her! Angela YeeAngela Yee is […]