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It is the new year but I am still catching up with old news!

Nov 13,2013 — This past semester I took an interior architecture class and one of the things we had to do was design a home. I had to make what is called a schematic model — basically a rough model that is to scale that shows how the house is laid out. It was the first time I did this and an interesting learning experience.

I had to drive to the art store to buy a huge board of chip board, which is basically the cardboard you find on the back of a legal pad, but at a certain thickness to keep it to scale. Then I had to cut out all the little pieces for each wall using an Xacto knife.


There were a lot of pieces. It was kind of hard to keep track what piece went where! I also discovered chipboard is no fun to cut with an Xacto knife! Especially curves.




The glueing was done by putting a puddle of Elmer’s glue on scrap board (in upper part of photo below) and dipping the wall sides into the glue. Then I held the walls in place.


Here’s the house in progress…


… and the finished house! It is at 1/8″=1 foot scale.


Albert decided to make his own “home improvements” by installing a “security system.”




He used to play miniature war games and it turns out his Persian minis were the right scale! How appropriate that he even parked the chariot in the garage.


He also had the pike men facing the window.





And of course, the elephants patrolling the outside.


My husband is so funny!


A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - January 12, 2014

    Now that your children are away in college, you two will be a good pair to play whatever games you like.

  2. Nikki - July 3, 2016

    Is that cardboard?

  3. A Yee

    A Yee - July 3, 2016

    Yes! It’s regular cardboard, also known as chipboard.

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