Staff white elephant party

Dec 10, 2013 — our staff had our annual Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange with a special twist — a goodbye retirement for our executive pastor, Dan. There are some pretty weird gifts out there.

Like, slippers you can wear and clean your floor at the same time.


Someone put in a decapitated doll’s head. Okaaayyyy…


Dave probably got the prize for most gifts stolen. When he opened this one, I said to Peter, “Wait a sec. Weren’t those the Christmas lights that we found that someone left in the storage area?” He just smiled. Don’t leave stuff unlabeled in the tech storage area. Peter is very fastidious about keeping it neat. 🙂


One of the big hit gifts was a piece of coal.  It was instantly stolen multiple times. Must be a current fad that I am unaware of.


The bustier night light made its rounds again. No one knows where this came from. It showed up one Christmas party years ago and almost every year has made a reappearance as people try to get rid of it. Dan was the lucky one.


Of course, when you work at a church, you get Bibles! Someone must have cleaned out their bookshelf.


We spent some time giving Dan gifts and honoring him with cake. (I will post another post later on his official retirement party.) This cake was so yummy. It’s called a champagne cake and it’s from Nugget. It was absolutely delicious.


I appreciate our fun-loving staff. I am blessed to work with such wonderful people!

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