Best retirement party ever

In December, our executive pastor, Dan, retired. The Elders were in charge of putting on a retirement party for him, and boy, I must say, it was totally amazing!

No one can complain when there is a custom cake made. Katrina is amazing!




She also was in charge of the amazing food. Wow.


There was a table in the lobby for a guest book and a place where people could write personal notes of appreciation.


The program had people from Dan’s life come and speak of the impact he had. There were people he had mentored who are now pastors. One person even showed a video of a person he was mentoring now to show the impact Dan has had of multiplying ministry that is now being carried out by the younger generation. Matt was the emcee and did a Dan imitation.


They presented roses to Sue in honor of all of her support. A good pastor cannot do it without the support of their spouse! (I’m so thankful for my husband!)


There were gifts presented for him to enjoy with his grandkids.


At the end, the most touching moment was when Sue got up and shared a personal word to Dan of thanks. What a legacy he has left of not only a lifetime of ministry impact, but a family that loves him and grandkids that he will be able to spend lots of time with!

Great job to all involved in putting this party together!

A Yee

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