New worship director

Whoa. I am a little behind here! Going back to Jan 6th…

We got a new worship director!

After many months of searching and prayer, Josh from Seattle joined our team! I cannot tell you how excited I was to have him join us. Not only was he taking over worship responsibilities, but even more, God had clearly led him to our church. The Lord had answered all our impossible prayers and brought someone who was just right for the position.

His second day of work, he was plunged into immediate initiation by and all-day off-site meeting with our team. Apparently he wasn’t quite used to working with the rest of us, a little bit out of sync with the rest of the team… (he’s in the middle)


But he tried his best…



Ha ha, well I can certainly say he is a good sport and has a great sense of humor!

Now he has been here four months. It really is a blessing having him here and he is doing a fantastic job! (And the team loves him. He survived his hazing.)

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