Boston Day 1: Airport and arrival

Yesterday I flew out to Boston to visit my sister. I guess I have not been out here since 2006!

Since I am now studying interior design, I was quite interested in the design of the airport. There was an area that looked kind of retro.



Interesting use of beads in the ceiling.



There were modern planters…



…juxtaposed with rocking chairs. A New England mashup, perhaps?



I was even taking pictures of the bathroom floor.


My nephew picked me up. He is driving now! Wow! His sister was also in the front.



I was so amazed how there were trees everywhere. Everything is so green. The kids said that there are a lot of trees around here.



I was delighted to see my baby nephew!




We had a little chuckle fest.



I brought everyone one of my favorite cookies — Tim Tams. They are renamed Arnotts. They were a winner —everyone loved them!



Baby Xavier wanted them too. His big brother held them just out of reach, but Xavier managed to grab a bit and instantly stuff it in his mouth.


It’s nice to be visiting my sister and her family!

A Yee

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