Boston Day 2: Tea and baby

Sunday! Weird not to have to work! Very relaxing though. I slept well considering it was a new location and 3 time zones back!

Since we are in almost empty-nester stage, it is quite a shift to be in a household with a baby again. So much fun to have a cute little one around (but I can say that because I am the auntie who doesn’t have to deal with the sleepless nights!).

This morning I got to get my nephew. I couldn’t find him and then opened the door and saw this. He was gnawing on the bed, like a little beaver. Hee hee, so cute!!!


My brother in law drove us to downtown Boston. It was really fascinating in the car listening to his work, because he is developing real estate and we discussed new design trends.

Then we went to tea. We found a chair in the elevator so we made Marisa sit down so we could take a picture of her.


We got to sit by a big window so there was lots of natural light. The window was huge. This is the view directly from my seat.


I took a picture of my sis, demonstrating the nice soft lighting.


Like Corrie and me, she was also into taking pictures.


We tested out her Sony A9000 vs. my Canon 5d Mark ii to see how the photos looked.


The hotel was super nice. I really liked their simple, contemporary tea cups and the holder for the milk.


I also liked the matching crooked sugar holder.



The teas were all on the side and the waitstaff would come over and fill our cup each time. The one I chose was called chef’s blend and it was delicious — had never had anything like it before. It was really really good.


Leslie and Marisa!


First came out the delicious sandwiches. Left: English cucumber with watercress cream cheese on citrus bread, then counter clockwise: Main crab salad with ocean persillade on Apple Street Farm deviled egg, warm ham and cheese croissant, roasted chicken salad on profiterole, and house smoked salmon with cream cheese on dill bread. (I only know this because Leslie took a picture of the menu. When the waiter was talking, all I heard was “Blah blah blah.”)


The scones had sides of jam, clotted cream and honey. Nice presentation!


Then came (left to right) strawberry pear poppy scone, apricot rosemary scone, chocolate decadence, Genoise cake crumbs with peach Chantilly cream (that was my favorite), Greek yogurt panna cotta with mandarin orange gel, Pate a choux swan with espresso Chantilly cream, Pain de Genes cake with chai mousse.


The overhead view.



The swans were so cool! It was like a cream puff.


I also thought the tilted glass was cool.


Then we had pictures afterwards.


This one was taken with my camera sitting on my camera bag across the table… a little distorted due to the wider angle and shorter distance.



I also couldn’t help taking pictures of the decor elements.



Afterwards we went walking toward North Park Park Street Church, where we were going to attend their late afternoon service. There are many old buildings.


It is quite interesting seeing the juxtaposition of old and modern.


There are also lots of steeples!


We walked through the public park. There were a lot of people there.


We passed an area that looked like flowers but as we got closer we discovered there were thousands of flags for Memorial Day. Being an event and logistics person, I thought, I wonder how many volunteers put those in and how long it took?


We attended the service and then afterwards I was so amazed by the spread of refreshments. Apparently, they do this every week. Also in the morning there are like 5x more refreshments.


When I looked at the list of volunteers, it was pretty amazing to see how many people served!



Joshua wanted me to take a picture of him.


Then we headed out. Little Xavier looks so cuddly!


Baby and mommy!


We stopped by the MIT campus to pick up some food. The round brick thing is a chapel and it is where my sister got married. Or so they told me. I was in the wedding but I have no recollection. I do remember the inside was round, though.


Afterwards, the older kids got the baby changed…


… and bathed…


…while baby munched on bath toys…


… and played with the faucet.


Fresh clean baby with big sis!


He discovered big brother and crawled over… and soon he looked like he was a dentist.


Almost has a mad scientist look!


What a cutie!



There are way too many pictures of my baby nephew.






But since I don’t live by him I figure I can take as many pictures as I want. 🙂



A Yee

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  1. Leslie - May 28, 2014

    These are such great pictures!! Thanks for taking them!The mad scientist shot is hilarious and he really does look like a mad scientist. I like the picture of Joshua too. He looks like a model. Ha ha.

  2. Carmen Lin - May 30, 2014

    I think the name of the church you went to is called Park Street Church. I also think North Park is in Chicago, not in Boston. You went to North Park in your last trip, and I think Glen was there too.

  3. A Yee

    A Yee - May 31, 2014

    Oops, ha ha — you’re right!

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