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Boston Day 6 – Pianos and ice cream

Hmmm… this trip has had a recurring theme here…

Today my sis and I hit location #3 of piano searching.


I think I played like every piano in the store. The one I liked most cost $38,000. Ouch.

Fortunately Leslie liked one that cost far less — after all, the piano is for her!



On the way home, we dropped by to get donuts. Sadly, it appears Dunkin Donuts in this area no longer carry Bavarian Kreme donuts, which were my absolute favorite! The older kids love the lemon donuts though. We bought some to bring home.



I did homework in the afternoon and also watched Xavier while Leslie took a nap. He was pretty happy crawling around and making cute baby noises. He has a fascination with eating everything.


Also he found the fridge to be quite interesting. He looked like a ballet dancer at the barre.


Finally, he crawled into forbidden territory (family room) and big brother banished him to the portacrib. Then Joshua went over and kept him company and talked to him. Xavier was quite content in the portacrib, watching his brother and cooing.


We went out to Five Guys for burgers. It’s pretty cool. You can order all your toppings online in advance. I didn’t get any pictures, though, because the lighting was not so good. Burgers are yummy too.

Then we headed to ice cream. In the car, Xavier found great amusement chomping on his sock. It’s amazing how flexible babies are!


Then he succeeded in pulling off one of his socks. Hee hee, such a look of delight!


Then he attacked the other sock with vigor. By the time we got to the ice cream place, both his socks were off.


We went to a homemade ice cream place called Mad Willies.


Big sis carried Xavier around. Baby gets lots of attention since there are 4 siblings, 2 parents, and 1 auntie to dote on take care of him!


Nice family shot! The other boys were at gymnastics.


I tried out an ice cream flavor called Butter Crunch. It had something like little toffee bits in it. The ice cream itself actually tasted like butter! It was quite yummy and very rich. I am also super impressed that my iPhone took such a clear photo.


Then we went to gymnastics to pick up the boys. I could barely see them because they were all the way across the gym, so there are no photos. However, I took a photo of my little bundle of joy I was holding.


I can’t believe I am going home tomorrow! This trip has gone quickly. I am so sad that the next time I see Xavier he will be all grown up! I’m glad I got to see my sister and her family though!


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  • Reply Carmen Lin

    The last time I had a Bavarian Creme donut must be the time when Corrie, Steve, you and I (of course Daniel & Megan also) were all together at Leslie’s house, in 2006? Last year when I was there, believe it or not, I did not eat a single Dunkin’ donut!

    May 30, 2014 at 9:37 pm
  • Reply Carmen Lin

    I must say you are really blessed to have these six days of vacation visiting Leslie and her family. You have a doting husband to let you do this. I never had this freedom. Boppy never allowed me to go to Taiwan by myself except twice, and for a reason. The 1st time was in 1991 when I went to Taiwan to lead my father to the Lord. At first Boppy would not let me go by myself; it was after many prayers and the Lord let him find out it was His will for me to go by myself (not in June when Boppy was free to go but in April when he had seminary classes) that he was willing to let me go. The 2nd time was in 2000 when I went to Taiwan on a short-term mission trip. The year before, in 1999 when he took a short term mission team to Taiwan, I also wanted to go, but he did not allow me to join the team; I had to stay behind alone. So when I went on that trip the next year, he could not say no.
    It was a sad truth, but it was only after he went home to be with the Lord that I realized he was actually a macho man.

    May 31, 2014 at 4:32 am
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