Boston Day 7 – Minutemen and mall

Yesterday was my last day of my visit in Boston. We ended by attending Joshua’s field trip to Minuteman National Historic Park. It was so interesting!

Leslie and I drove separately (from the school bus) to meet his class, which was already at the park. Took a little while to get out all the baby stuff and get him strapped in. I love this picture of her and the baby! He looks like he is clinging on like a monkey.


The visitor center has a theater with a show. It is really well done. It is a mix of video and murals and 3D objects list and a large map with little lights that move showing the battles. As someone who is into multi-media, I enjoyed the show immensely and learned a lot of history as well. this is the mural in the lobby.



After that, all the kids went into another theater where a man dressed in period costume taught them about the history of why the Minutemen were formed and all the conflict with England. I was so amazed.  He held the attention of a class of … 3rd graders (?)… for like 30 or 45 minutes!


At one point he had Joshua go up and be a volunteer and trained him on how to be a soldier. (Shot above from my Canon camera, below was zoomed in iPhone, which is why it is so fuzzy.) Joshua is a total ham! He is very comfortable up front and said funny things and made the class laugh. He is an entertainer in the making!


Then the kids came out of the theater. Quick, picture time! Awww, so sweet!


The kids went out and the man had them all march after him because they were now the Minutemen army.


He stopped and explained that we were standing on the colonial highway between Concord and Boston. (I think.) I was impressed at how narrow the “highway” was. It was little wider than a sidewalk, and it was all dirt.


We were at the actual location where one of the battles were fought. The stone walls were used as protection and shots were fired across the clearing (I think. My memory is not too terribly reliable.).


He took them to a field and explained that he was now going to train them on how to shoot.


They had to line up in rows and he showed them how to shoot as he called out commands. The kids looked like they were having a good time.


Baby break!


Then he actually shot off his musket.


He showed us how they loaded the musket. It took them 20 seconds. I can’t believe how many steps there were. It was a very inefficient way of doing battle!


I caught the shot just as the gun fired.


Another baby break!


We realized that we had like almost no pictures this trip of Leslie and me together. This is not the best picture since this was a selfie wide angle. That’s the problem with being a photographer… never pictures of you and other people together! Glad we got this though. Xavier is always so happy!


We abandoned the kids as they ate lunch and headed to a mall. What cool decorations!


We went to the food court for lunch.


Another baby break! I think my new hobby is taking pictures of my nephew.


Bird break. There was a live bird flying around the mall.


He’s the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this picture!


I had to take lots of pictures because I won’t be seeing him for a long time. (Wahhhhhh…)


I wrote on Twitter, “Lunch out with my cute date and his mom.” My sister wrote back, “Your date doesn’t have very sophisticated taste in food.” I wrote, “He is a simple man with simple tastes.” Ha ha!


I just love this little kid. I’m so sad I will not get to see him as a baby any more. But I am thankful I had the chance to hold and cuddle him a lot on this trip! (Wow, I just noticed how big my hand is. Gotta love those wide angle phone lenses! :-))


The mall had a totally ridiculous bathroom. Of course, it was across the hallway from Nordstroms!


We walked… and what do you know!


Actually, Leslie knew the piano store was there. They were having a big event held by Steinway pianos. There were a lot of pianos!


And I mean a lot!


Of course the pianos we liked all cost like mid $20ks. I asked Leslie, “Why do we always like the expensive pianos?” Oh well, that’s a little too much money.

I did see a magazine that had this article. I did not know Van Cliburn was alive until last year! Wow!



After that we went back home and I said goodbye to the kids. Leslie drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes (Wahhhhh again…). It was fun to visit and I’m bummed they live so far away.

Two hour flight to Charlotte. The airport there also has white rocking chairs (right side of picture). Does every east coast airport have one???


Since I was in the south, I had to try some local food and bought a little snack!



The ride home after that was not a whole lot of fun. It was a 6 hour flight. I was at a bulkhead, no place to put my bags so I had to hold my bag in my lap the whole time. My legs were too short (usually I prop them on my bag) so it felt like my circulation was getting cut off and it was very uncomfortable.

I sat by a mother with her little boy who must have been ADHD. He was probably four or five and spent the flight talking loudly and bumping my chair. He tried a couple times to grab my magazine. He even hit me once. The flight attendant had to ask the mom twice to buckle him in because he was standing on the chairs and bouncing around. Then he started shouting randomly at the top of his lungs. I finally put in my earphones (unplugged) just to block out the noise. Finally he fell asleep and he tried to lean on me while sleeping. His mother wadded up a blanket and put it on my arm rest so it was hanging halfway over my chair and the boy was leaning over so his head was totally leaning over my seat.

I had compassion for the mother… she just looked exhausted, so I just helped pick things up when she dropped them.

After the flight, I got out and went to the drinking fountain. When I came up for air, a man was standing there. He said to me, “I don’t know how you survived the flight. I can’t believe you had so much patience.”

I’m just glad to be home safely! It was so great to see Albert and he drove me home and both kids came over as soon as the door opened and gave me a big hug.

God is so good and I’m so thankful for so many blessings!

A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - May 31, 2014

    Last year I heard from the classical radio that Van Cliburn passed away, and that brought back a lot of memory. When Boppy was a PhD student at SIU, he performed with St. Louis Orchestra in the indoor basketball court of SIU the famous Tchaikovsky’s Concerto #1, which made him famous when he won the first International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in April of 1958 (I was a high school student in Taiwan then but I heard that news nevertheless, since he was the first American to get that honor). Boppy and I attended that concert, even though Boppy was a poor student. You can see how much we were willing to pay for a concert like that and also how popular Van Cliburn was during that time!
    Unfortunately for quite a few decades Van Cliburn seemed to have disappeared! It was many many years later I heard that he was a gay and went back to Mowscow to live with the conductor he fell in love with.
    Well, fortunate for me again, for sometime after Boppy went home to be with the Lord, I happened to watch on PBS a TV special on Van Cliburn. By then he was in his early 70’s but he looked relatively younger. I began to watch that show which was already in progress. So I had missed the early part of that program. But it seemed to me he was married and his wife had been one of his piano students. He was beaming at a young girl playing a piano piece. That girl was probably his daughter and must have got his musical talents and that was probably why she played so well at such a young age. Obviously he married very late in life, but his wife was young so that she was able to give him a daughter.
    By then he had set up his own piano competition. I was glad to learn that he became straight again and lived a normal life, even though it was a little bit late. But he lived a long life, much longer than Boppy!

  2. Carmen Lin - May 31, 2014

    In writing the top comment, I had to consult with one of my vinyl records, a RCA Victor red seal with the title “Tchaikovsky Concerto No.1” with the picture of a very young Van Cliburn playing at a piano. A black and white picture so that you can see how early that picture was taken!

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