Moving again!

It is hard to believe our family is moving again!

It feels like it was just a little while ago that we moved here and now, six years later, we are moving again! In fact, this blog was started when I first moved to Davis: my first post! (The blog has morphed since then… now it’s photographically-driven.)

Since my blog is hopelessly behind and all the posts are now out of order, I am not sure at what point I can revisit and give the whole story. But suffice it to say, we are embarking on a God-led adventure as Albert is heading down to be a professor at Biola University. It has been a surprise for us as neither of us planned to move.

We are so very grateful that movers came and packed up our house. With Breakaway, Breakaway follow-up and a mere 4 days afterwards to wrap up everything, have meetings, and pack, there is no way we would have gotten this done in time. Now our house is a jungle of boxes.



UCC went above and beyond in sending me off. Parties (even though I tried to avoid them because I hate saying goodbye!), gifts, cards, notes, photo book, memory book, slide show… all I can say is, wow. I have been deeply blessed by this outpouring of love.

I have discovered our church is a church full of anonymous givers. I have received anonymous gifts and cards from people and I would love to thank them… if I only knew who they were! UCC is full of people who serve and give quietly. People do not toot their horn but give credit to God. I really love that about this church!

Saying goodbye was difficult. I have grown to love and appreciate so many people at this church. The hardest part about leaving truly is the people. God has truly blessed me through the years in getting the opportunity to serve alongside people and hear their stories, to pray together and watch Him answer prayer together. It is also the first time I will be moving away so far from my mom! We will definitely be back to visit since she and my sister are still here.

We move forward in faith, not knowing what the future holds. We’re thankful for the amazing job opportunity that Albert has. I look forward to see where He will lead me vocation-wise, but there is lots to do down there, between doing design contracting work, creating art to sell, working on my books again, and taking three classes. And unpacking. Lots of unpacking.

Oh yeah, and I will be able to blog again! 🙂


A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - August 7, 2014

    Last night I could not fall asleep, so I stayed up in bed praying for you and Albert and the movers too for a long time. I asked the Lord to keep all of you safe and keep everything intact. It must be that God wanted me to pray for your trip. for after I prayed a long time, I was able to fall asleep. It also gave me peace, for I did not feel sad any more this morning after I got up.

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - August 7, 2014

    Thank you for praying!

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