Move #2

Another move today, #2 this month. We moved our daughter to her college!

Yesterday was our last day together as a family before Megan headed back. We found out our friend Ryan Kwon was preaching at EV Free Fullerton, so spur of the moment we decided to go visit!


We enjoyed the church service. Ryan’s message was really good. Was reminded of the huge price Christ paid for us through his sacrifice. Good time of worship. It is very nice to be able to focus on worship on Sundays! I also liked how there was a bit more diversity at the church.


Sunday also happened to be Albert’s birthday, so we had a light dinner together because we had a heavy lunch. I’m glad Trinity got to stay with us this past week too! We prayed for Megan’s roommate many months before she went to college, and I just can’t imagine God bringing a better roommate into our daughter’s life! Very thankful.


Daniel and I cooked a yummy steak salad. Then Daniel found Birthday Cake ice cream. We had heard about it from a preacher but never had it before. It was quite delicious (though very sweet).


Today was Albert’s first day of work at Biola, but it also happened to be the day that Megan had to go back to school. So we all bundled into the car and off we went. So nice that she now goes to school 27 miles from our home instead of over 400! In fact, Albert’s commute used to be 37 miles so technically the kids now go to school even closer than Albert’s previous commute. Wow!

But I can’t say I care for the smog much… there are actually mountains to the left there, but you can’t see them.


However, in general it is not too bad. It sure is a lot cooler here as well!

It did not feel cool today, though! Lots of moving stuff around. Trying to get Megan and Trinity moved in was an ordeal:

  • Went to the school office to get keys.
  • Took forever trying to get her utilities set up.
  • Then because she did not have two forms of ID, we had to change the utilities to my name and we had to drive to the gas company.
  • Their friend also needed to go so we first drove to pick her up.
  • Then we went to the gas company and got every changed over.
  • Took them back to their apartment and dropped them off.
  • Daniel and I drove 6 miles to the storage unit where their items had been stored for the summer.
  • I discovered I did not have any of the codes.
  • Daniel had to contact Albert to get the codes.
  • I had to call the manager to open the door.
  • We got in and loaded one car of stuff.
  • Then drove back to the apartment and left everything sitting in the parking lot so that Megan and Trinity could haul it upstairs. Poor Megan was lugging heavy items by herself. But Daniel and I had multiple carloads to transport so we had to head back to the storage unit.
  • Daniel was very thirsty and hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was feeling super tired, so we stopped by Starbucks to get something to drink.
  • Went back to the storage unit.
  • Checked into the office and had to leave my ID to get a key.
  • Went to the storage unit and unloaded a second load.
  • Went back to the office to return the key so I could get my driver’s license back. (I really don’t like how this storage unit is set up. You need to always check out a key to access the hallway where your storage unit is located.)
  • Drove back to the apartment.
  • Dumped the stuff in the parking lot and saw Megan coming back with a parade of guys and girls ready to help her. Ha ha, what a recruiter!
  • Went back to the storage unit.
  • There was no one there so we had to call the manager and wait to get the key.
  • Got the key and unloaded.
  • Returned the key and closed out our account.
  • Went back to the apartment and dropped off the last load.
  • Gave Megan goodbye hugs and headed out.
  • It was such a long process that this all took almost 5 hours!

Daniel and I went to IKEA, which was on the way home. Poor guy was so hungry and but very patient, so we celebrated with a yummy dinner, since IKEA dinners are so inexpensive!



Then I dragged him around the store getting things for when he moves into his apartment. He was so tired. He asked,  “How do grown-ups have so much energy?”


I think the Lord gave me strength even though I only got four hours of sleep. My sleep has been thrown off since I moved and I need to get into a routine. There hasn’t really been one since we have been unpacking so much!

Got home, put together two shelves, unpacked, set up my desk, chatted with Albert after he got back from a work dinner and went back to installing shelves.

Move #1 is still in progress as boxes get unpacked. Move #2 is over on our end (but Megan is sitting in the dark because her apartment has no electricity!). Move #3 happens in a few weeks as Daniel heads back to school.

So we are one family in great transition in many ways!

A Yee

Angela Yee is a professional designer (graphic design, stage design, interior design — and teaches leadership skills at

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  1. Glen Nielsen - August 19, 2014

    Yikes! What a day! At least you know what to expect for Move #3!

  2. A Yee

    A Yee - August 19, 2014

    I’m sure Move #3 will go a lot easier since Daniel has like 1/10th the amount of stuff as his sister. 🙂

  3. Carmen Lin - August 19, 2014

    Wish you had told me about Megan’s move before so that I could have prayed for all of you.
    I think Daniel needs to eat better to make himself stronger.
    I’ll be praying for all of you so that Daniel’s move could be easier.

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