Biola Beginnings

This week Albert started his new job at Biola!

The week started out with a conference for all the faculty. On the first evening, families were invited to the dinner. It was held in a huge tent on campus. Wow, that is a big tent above. The photo turned out pretty good considering I just snapped this on my iPhone!

The inside was just as impressive.


I got to meet some of Albert’s coworkers. Dave Nystrom, the provost, introduced all the new faculty. There were a lot!


Here’s my hubby!


The president, Barry Corey, also gave an inspiring speech challenging us with questions to consider. I really appreciated his heart.

When we left, the sun was setting. Another beautiful picture from my iPhone! I’m gonna stop lugging around all my cameras. 🙂


Tonight between 9 and 11 pm at Target, there was a special going on with discounts for all Biola people, both faculty and students. The store was full of people, many students. Albert ran into students he recognized!



Albert had total overload. There were people everywhere, loud music pumping, dancers in the center, a raffle going on. Albert escaped to quiet Barnes and Noble. I, on the other hand, went over to investigate the source of all the noise and commotion. But soon Barnes and Noble closed and Albert was back…just in time, as I was stuck in the garbage aisle for 10 minutes unable to make a decision on what garbage can to buy. It took him all of 5 seconds.

Even though certain areas were very crowded, I noticed the diapers and home air filters area was deserted. 🙂

It’s kind of funny how Albert is an introvert and he is all day with people. I am more the extrovert and I am all day not with people!

But he is jazzed that he met new students today. That’s what he loves — interacting with the students. I’m very thankful God provided this job for him!

A Yee

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  1. Glen Nielsen - August 23, 2014

    Love the Target Biola Blitz … Great marketing on their part!

    Funny description of the introvert/extrovert paradigm in your house and how it played out … I envisioned Albert seeking shelter & respite among the diapers & filters!

  2. Carmen Lin - August 23, 2014

    It’s working out well for both of you.
    I’m amazed you have turned from on introvert to an outgoing personality.

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