Speaking at the Nines!

Right now the Nines conference is going on (I am watching it as I type!). I feel honored to be one of the contributors. There’s good stuff being discussed about “Culture Clash: When Church & Culture Collide.”

2014-1104 nines1


There are various topics on the agenda, such as inclusive culture, social justice, immigration, same-sex marriage and others.

I’m the very last speaker on the very last day of this two-day conference. (Times are ET.)

2014-1104 nines2


I shot this video soon after I moved… unlike my previous Nines videos, this one was straight off the computer. My house was full of moving boxes so there literally was not a single place to shoot the video. Now that I have unpacked my video equipment I wish I could reshoot it… production quality really has much to be desired! But hopefully the content is helpful!

Click here to watch for free.


A Yee

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