Maundy Thursday Photo Shoot

March 19, 2014 – This year we did something different for Easter week. In the past we had Maundy Thursday services (Thursday before Easter), but they were really good Friday services. So we decided to have a good Friday service and a Maundy Thursday service. This meant I needed to create a new slide — and needed a new photo. Time to get out the props and camera!

Maundy Thursday is a time to commemorate the last supper. This service would have a light dinner served. People would have the opportunity to wash each other’s feet like Jesus did. It was a service that would have candlelight and atmosphere. Based off of these elements, I went hunting around the back store room to see if I could find any props that would fit. I found a bowl, towel, and burlap and set them up outside.




I had to leave room for a title so I played around with the layout a bit. This was all taken with natural light.



Zoomed in more. I liked the reflection but it was bright daylight.



This really was not working so great but I thought I would try moving the arrangement around. But now the picnic table was showing.



This was not doing it for me. It just looked way too cheery and bright for a service that was supposed to be a last supper. I took the props indoors and set them up on the stage and shone white lights on them.



Blah. Maybe zooming in would help.



Nope. How about zooming way in.



Nope. Or zooming out.



Nope. Or getting down low.



Nope. Or rearranging the towel.



Nope. It was the lighting. It just looked too plain and bright. I tried some of the colored stage lights.



Ewwww… looked like blood. How about another color?



Nope. Now I just used up all the stage light colors — the lights were too high up to change the gels. I moved the bowl over to a window with natural light and played with the white balance.



Way too blue. Here’s how it looked in real life with an accurate white balance.



Then I realized I needed candles. Ok, now it’s starting to look better in terms of arrangement, but the coloring was off.



I lit the candles — ah ha!!! That was it!



I can’t remember what white balance I used. Nowadays I use the Kelvin adjustment to get exact color balance but back then I think I used one of the presets. I tried a higher up view (leaving room for the title).



The lower view was more intimate. I had to lie on the floor to get this shot.



With the final text, the mood and subject of the event was conveyed effectively.


A Yee

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  1. Carmen Lin - December 24, 2014

    I think this is the first time I see this design.
    This past year I skipped churches a lot, never so much in my life. I think I had to go to Taiwan made it difficult for me to attend this service. I am glad to see it here. It is another wonderful design!

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