Facility Feature: Camp Hope

Saddleback Church’s Lake Forest campus has an outdoor area for people to meet and chill, called Camp Hope. It’s right off the main walkway heading to the worship center.

There are some wooden beams that mark the entrance.

Purpose Drive Church Conference

A banner on a wooden frame proclaims the name of the area, next to a canoe with rocks.

Purpose Drive Church Conference

There’s a camper on one side and various pop-up tents for tables from which food is served.

Purpose Drive Church Conference

Circular wooden decks hold chairs and umbrellas.

Purpose Drive Church Conference

There’s even a portable heater for chilly evenings. I just noticed there’s a wooden teepee type thing in the back. Not exactly sure what it’s for as I didn’t go exploring since I was heading towards the start of a conference.

Purpose Drive Church Conference

This cool outdoor space takes advantage of the temperate southern California temperatures. It’s a nice setting for people to hang out!

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