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One of the things that I have been involved in is a new work called The Thirty Network, an effort to advance Asian American pastors and church leaders.

The website describes what the Thirty Network is all about: “We believe that Asian American pastors have something valuable and unique to contribute to the Church with the very essence of who they are and who God has created them to be at this time in this generation. The Thirty seeks to facilitate conversations, provide resources, and make connections that will actively strengthen the mainstream evangelical church.”

The 30 Network is the brain child of DJ Chuang and Kevin Nguyen. DJ is a consummate leader and networker in the Christian leadership world. He has dreamed of something like this for a long time. Kevin is my campus pastor and an entrepreneur and strong leader. I got to know these two guys after coming to Saddleback.

DJ is known for his love of the color orange too! Here he is with Kevin.


Sam Yoon and John Shin are the two other people who are on the leadership team. The five of us planned the first gathering, where people would have the opportunity to meet others and process some of the key concepts and issues of leaders in the church today. This first gathering was on Feb 2nd. (I’m a bit behind in blogging and catching up!)

Thirty leaders from all over southern California met together for 30 hours in a relational environment where we received some training from Stan Endicott of the Slingshot Group.


There were opportunities to do interactive activities and get feedback on different issues.


Some of us taught on different topics. I taught on “How to Run a Meeting.” Attendees shared teaching with their peers as well (Eddie Park from Fullerton EV Free is below). I appreciated hearing from all sorts of different perspectives.


People expressed they appreciated the table activities and discussions. They were able to share best practices and ideas with one another.


And of course there were fun prizes!


Here’s to the launch of the Thirty Network and our first gathering!


We also started a blog to discuss thoughts on leadership. I wrote an article called “How Church Ministry Is Like Apple.”

We are in the process of planning our next gathering at Exponential West conference in October. I’m looking forward to the next time together and learning from one another!


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